Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Your Best Chance

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Karl Stegell tells the story of two little boys who were enrolled in the first grade of an elementary school. The teacher asked the two brothers their birthdays. The first boy said, “ I was born on January 4,1984.” The second brother said , “I was born on April 4,1984.” The teacher was understandably curious -two brothers born three months apart. As she walked over near their desks, she said  “How can it be that the two of you were born so close together?” One of the little brothers spoke up and said, ”One of us is adopted.” She knelt by their desks and asked, ”Which one of you is adopted?” One of them said, ”I asked my dad about that one day, and he just leaned down and kissed us both and said, ”I forgot which one.” Do you understand what that would do for that child?  Love , dads. It is your best chance to be a dad. Love those kids! Example:

                                   “A careful man I ought to be.

                                    A little fellow follows me.

                                    I do not dare to go astray.

                                    For fear he’ll go the self-same way.

                                    I cannot once escape his eyes:

                                    What ‘er he sees me, do he tries—

                                    Like me, he says , he’s going to be.

                                    The little chap who follows me

                                    He thinks that I am good and fine.

                                    Believes in every word of mine,

                                    The base in me he must not see,

                                    The little chap who follows me.

                                    I must remember as I go,

                                    Through summers sun and winters snow,

                                    I’m building for the years to be,

                                    For a little fellow follows me.”

See Mark 4:35-41 for further reflection.

Prayers for:  Fatherhood. For all who mourn the death of Jim Crawford. For Nicholas Herzog and Nicole Walters who enter into Holy matrimony this weekend. For global leaders.

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Still in one peace,

Pastor David Jensen