Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Your Ark

1 Samuel 6:8-9, “Take the ark of the Lord and put it in a cart, and in a chest beside it put the gold objects you are sending back to him as a guilt offering. Send it on it’s way, but keep watching it. If it goes up to its own territory, toward Beth Semesh, then the Lord has brought this great disaster on us. But if it does not, then we will know that it was not his hand that struck us and that it happened to us by chance.”

Sometimes things are clear to me and sometimes things aren’t as clear to me. The Philistines had won some great battles and had even captured the ark of the Lord and then tragedy struck.

What battles have you won? What is your ark of the Lord? Are you still enjoying the fruits of your win or has tragedy struck?

I think in life we, you and I, try to explain things. And if we, you and I, can’t explain things then we, you and I,… well… I find myself trying to put GOD into a cart, adding what I think is important in my life and then making a deal, making a wish, trying to make sense out of something that has caused me pain, something that hurts… something that I can’t explain.

Everything is ok. Please know, everything is ok. It may seem like the world has never been this bad, it may seem like the world will not survive tomorrow but the truth is GOD is in control, not you or I but GOD.

We may want things to be different and that is ok, but to be different then we, you and I, must change. If we, you and I, want the world to change, but we, you and I, do not want to change then “our” world won’t change.

It’s ok to call upon GOD to help us, it’s even ok to scream out to GOD about how we feel. GOD is there and GOD is listening. I’ve tried to put GOD in a cart with some of the things I used to prioritize and make a deal, but it hasn’t worked for me!

SO, if you’re feeling lonely call a friend.

If you’re feeling isolated go for a walk.

If you’re feeling like you can’t move. sign up for ECM or help a neighbor in need.

If you don’t like what you’re looking at then you need to look at something else.

GOD was, is, and will be. GOD is surrounding you. If you feel like GOD isn’t listening, then maybe you’ve stuck GOD in your cart. Somehow you need to realize you’re in GOD’s cart.

KNOW you are loved! Know YOU are loved! KNOW YOU ARE LOVED! Amen!

Jim Dietvorst