Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Words of Peace

Dear Peacemakers,

May our world, nation, state, city, home, and heart receive God’s peace.

In ”Legends of Our Time,” Elie Wiesel writes, ”Words can sometimes, in moments of grace , attain the quality of deeds.” The Noble Prize Committee made an appropriate commentary on that remark in 1985 by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Wiesel, survivor of Auschwitz, novelist, essayist, playwright, man of letters, and teacher, whose words carved themselves into the hearts and consciences of millions of people through the more than thirty books he wrote over his career. It is significant that the prize was not for literature, but for peace. Great writer though he is, Wiesel was also peacemaker, one whose words do, “attain the quality of deeds. “  (paraphrased from—Robert McAfee Brown, “Persuade Us To Rejoice, Westminster/John Knox Press,1992,p.69.)

May we each seek to use words that offer deeds of peace. When our words fail us and others, may we seek words of mercy, grace and forgiveness.

Prayers: That president Donald Trump will join all former United States Presidents- Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush,  and Barack Obama in efforts for peace throughout the world through their continued leadership. For President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that God’s will be done through them while they are in office. Let us pray for all who mourn the passing of Lyle Mercer. Blessed by his memory.

See Mark 1:14-20 for further reflection. 

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Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen