Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Who Do I Seek to Please?

The need to please, is an obsession for many people. We are eager for Social Media to reward us with 🤗❤️👍🏻 for whatever we might post online. We all seek, ‘well done, that’s great’. For some, the ‘number of friends’, is more important than even knowing who they might be. It’s all about wanting to be liked, accepted, and admired. I’ll admit, I consider myself to be a people pleaser. I tend to put other’s wishes first, struggle saying no to a request, and do whatever it takes to keep the peace. I often hesitate in sharing my true feelings for fear of criticism or rejection. My diagnosis is the ‘disease to please’! Can you relate? Surrendering our life to the opinions of others is idolatry. It can lead us astray from God’s will by losing perspective of what matters most. We can fall into the trap of compromise, or the snare of overcommitment. Making good decisions can be lost by wanting to avoid the drama of what the truth holds. It’s less exhausting to just give in. Do I seek to please specific family members at the expense of others? Am I so consumed with church and Christian fellowship activities, that I don’t take the time to be alone with God in prayer? Do I conform to the challenge of peer pressure or from genuine feelings from my heart? Do the many things I ‘can’ do, compromise the things I ‘must’ do? So many questions…God’s only answer: The First Commandment.“ I am the Lord your God, thou shalt have no other gods beside Me”. (Exodus 20:2-3)

More verses to read: Proverbs 29:25.  Romans 12:2 John 5:41-44 (Jesus speaking).  Ephesians 5:10 Galatians 1:10.  Colossians 3:17, 23 1 Thessalonians 2:4.   Ephesians 6:7 1 Corinthians 10:31

Have a Blessed day, a gift from God!

Linda Culberson