Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

What will we have when this is over?

We are living in an unusual time. 

But is it ALL bad? 

I am taking a walk every morning with my dog.  

Families are taking staycations. Before the virus, families got on an airplane for vacation.  Now they are camping in their back yards.  (how fun is this – no its not as fun as spending umpteen dollars on Disney World but, you get to be together)

Before the virus phone calls to grandma took place every once in a while (with technology you pull Grammy up on face time – she loves it I hope it continues)

How many books have been read since the virus? 

How many family movies have we seen? Maybe for the fourth time? 

We get to be together, yes, some because we have to be, but right now, we are not pulled into so many directions.  Will this continue after we get “back” to normal? 

Is our new normal, the fact, that we get to be together. We get to go for a walk before the day begins, not everything is listed, planned, and scheduled out. 

Can we embrace that life is a bit different, a bit slower? That we don’t have to identify ourselves by what we did, but by who we are? 

I am not so naïve to say, that this time is not a bit stressful as well. There are concerns about jobs, insurance, school… all kinds of things on our minds. 

But one thing I hope that survives the virus is our love for one another. Our hope for a better world, a hope that people are recognized for who they are, not the color of their skin or their gender. I hope that our love of God and our trust in him continues and blossoms to a far greater depth.  AMEN

Maureen Herzog