Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Wait and Wonder

We wait, and wonder

Wait and wonder

The waiting is hard

Waiting is long

Waiting is unknowing

Waiting is painful

Waiting just is.

Wondering is hard

Wondering is long

Wondering is unknowing

Wondering can be painful

Wondering just is.

We wait, and wonder

Wait and wonder.

The day between Good Friday and Easter is like much of life. We wait and we wonder at a time between death and life, between loss and gain, between despair and hope. God shows us a way where waiting and wondering aren’t to be avoided, but just are. We wait and we wonder: how, why, when, where, who. And God answers, “I am.”

Thank you for praying with us today, this Holy Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. It’s a day to practice waiting and wondering before our Alleluias, so that when true times of waiting and wondering come to us, we can wait and wonder with hope.

Grace be with you,