Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

The Perks

Dear Dads and Others,

Should you make your children go to church? People have debated both sides of that issue for generations.

The author Anne Lamott tells why she made her son Sam go to church when he was a teenager. “I made him go because I can… I outweighed him by nearly 75 pounds. But that was only part of it. The main reason was that I wanted to give him what I had found in the world, which is to say a path and a little light to see by. Most of the people I know who have what I want –which is to say, purpose, heart, balance, gratitude, joy—are people with a deep sense of spirituality. They are people in community who pray , or practice their faith— people banding together to work on themselves and for human rights. They follow a brighter light than the glimmer of their own candle: they are part of something beautiful.”  –Anne Lamott, “Why I Make Sam go to church” in “Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith (Anchor,2000), pg100.

Church attendance in and of itself is no guarantee the child will turn out well.  However, being a participant in a missional community does guarantee you’ll have a place to bask in God’s mercy when things don’t go well.

I give thanks to God that my father Milt Jensen and my mother Beverly saw to it that I benefited from all the perks of church. Thanks Dad.

See Matthew 9 and 10 for further reflection.

Prayers: For all Fathers and Mothers.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen