Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

The Greatest Joy

Dear Joyful,

A monk found a precious stone, a precious jewel. A short time later the monk met a traveler, who said he was hungry and asked the monk if he would share some of his provisions. When the monk opened his bag, the traveler saw the precious stone and, on an impulse, he asked the monk if he could have it. Amazingly, the monk gave the traveler the stone. The traveler departed quickly, overjoyed with his new possession.

However, a few days later, he came back searching for the monk. He returned the stone to the monk and made a request: “Please give me something more valuable, more precious than this stone. Please give me that which enabled you to give me this precious stone!”

Joy is the ability to make generous choices. When we feel depressed, we feel stuck and unable to make choices. The ability to make the choice to be generous is perhaps the greatest joy we can receive from God.

Upon Jesus’ birth, the Angel announced to the Shepherds, “Do not be afraid, I am bringing you good news of great joy for all people.” (Luke 3:10) God has chosen to be generous with the world and send us God’s son. The Creator’s decision was the most generous choice in human history, scattering joy throughout the cosmos.

Prayers: for increased joy.

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Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen