Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Who is Jesus?

Worship was a time to praise God and consider who Jesus is, for us and through us. It was good to gather with about 20 people in-person and an estimated 100 or so via the stream. God brings us together. We remembered 9/11 and shared stories of that day. If you missed being with us, you can watch here and see photos here. We were thankful to gather afterward for a picnic hosted by Cleo Frye and his fabulous smoked meats and beans. We shared salads, fruit, chips and dessert. It was grand, see photos here.

We take the message into our week.

Reflect on Psalm 116, how God listens to us and rescues.

Read Mark 8:27-38. Who do you say Jesus is? How is this teaching hard?

How have you decided to follow Jesus? Do you need to change anything in your following?

Pastor Dave used these two videos as illustrations, what do they inspire in you?

Curated links and resources:

Save the Dates: Saturday, October 9 for the annual Confluence Ministries Gala and Saturday, October 23 for Extreme Community Makeover work day.

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