Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Two Kinds of People?

What a gift to be able to “gather” via the stream! God is present in each of our sacred spaces and bringing us together spiritually. It’s not the same, but God is still speaking. We welcomed musical guests from Confluence Ministries – Jude, Rayanne and Zach and that was a treat. We considered how God’s grace and mercy allow wheat + weeds, good + evil, righteous + sinner to thrive and grow together. It’s not our job to judge or pull out the weeds, but to live with humility and love. If you weren’t able to be with us, you can still watch/worship here. And check out photos here and here.

Wednesday evenings we gather via Zoom to see one another’s faces! There’s music, prayer and discussion. It starts at 6 pm with a time of greeting one another and checking in; then around 6:15 the agenda begins and wraps up before 7 pm. The zoom link is sent out Wednesday afternoon about 4 pm, contact Vikki at to be sure you get the link.

We take our faith into the week, knowing that all of our days are sacred, not just Sunday. Here are conversation starters, reflections for your devotional time and curated links.

  • Read Matthew 13:24-30 and see what Jesus’ parable invites you to think about.
  • Do you divide the world into two kinds of people? (or more?) Why? What might it look like to step back from the us vs them and see we?
  • Why do you think God allows good and evil to both thrive?
  • What sin is in your heart that you need to ask God to help you get rid of?