Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Think Myself Happy

It was our joy to welcome Rev. Leon Kelly to worship. It was a gathering of friends in the Gospel as we welcomed: Rev, his wife Kim, Jude from Confluence, Angie from MS, Roger & Claudia and many more. Rev preached a word about truth and quoted Paul from Acts 26:1-2 where in the KJV translation, Paul says, “I think myself happy.” Paul wants to set the record straight about himself and Rev could identify with that. People talk about us and think they know what we’ve done, but truly they need to ask us. If you missed being with us, watch here. See photos from worship here and from lunch here.

We take the message into our week with reflection, scripture reading and conversation.

  • Have you had a situation where someone shared about something you had done without actually asking you about it? How did you feel? What did you do?
  • How do we deliver the truth about ourselves without actually talking, but through our actions?
  • When do we suppose we know what another’s actions, motives, thoughts are without actually asking them to speak for themselves? How might we desire to try to get to the truth?
  • What are we going to be accountable for in the sight of God?
  • We can pray for others, but we ned to do more than pray – we must go. Where do you need to do more than pray?

Thanks to your generosity we gave Confluence Ministries $3,250 in gift cards to distribute to families in west Denver to help them celebrate their Thanksgiving meal. Praise God!

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