Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Sing It!

It was a beautiful morning for worship. Everything and everyone was set up and ready to go. Well, there was one tiny little problem…the ethernet cable was not connecting to the internet. Oh no! The stream was not on, no one could see and hear the wonderful music, the stories, the scripture Exodus 3:1-5 or the special guest. Best laid plans, right?

Not to worry, they recorded it and now we can all watch it! Go here and worship. Then come back for the rest of this post.

We hope to see you this week, 6:00 pm MDT, at The Well, in fact we’d love to see your face! The Zoom link is emailed out late Wednesday afternoon. Let Vikki know if you need the details.

We take our faith into our lives, our community and the world. We know it’s not just a one-time watch of worship, it’s ongoing reflection and conversation.

  • Where has God spoken to you through a “burning bush”?
  • When has God taken you to the edge and worked something new in your life?
  • If Jesus wasn’t at the center, where was he? How do we follow him there?
  • What songs or hymns cause you to take your sandals off and go to holy ground? What are your favorite “old” hymns?
  • What is sacred ground for you? How do you get there?

Curated links to watch and read: