Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Restoration

Jesus welcomes interruptions. The clothes we wear can matter – bind us to others and show who we belong to. By holding on to Jesus, we are able to let go of our baggage. These were some of the lessons Pastor Dave shared in worship with the text Mark 5:21-43. If you missed being with us in-person or via the stream, you can watch here and see photos here.

We reflect on God’s word and presence throughout our week.

  • Read and spend time with Mark 5:21-43.
  • Interruptions – how do you view them in your life?
  • How do you feel attached to God?
  • How does how we dress or our clothing bring unity and community?
  • Reflect on this quote: Serenity is not found in a calmer sea, it’s the ability to build a better boat. – Travis Meadows
  • Who are the friends you can call who are willing, like Jesus, to let you reach out and are willing to be interrupted?

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Join us Wednesday evening at The Well via Zoom as we welcome special guest, our friend Brad Corrigan. Brad is the founder of Love, Light + Melody and a member of the indie band, Dispatch. Brad will share about LLM and probably sing a song or two. The Zoom link is sent out Wednesday afternoon by Vikki.