Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Remember

Happy MLK Day! Yesterday our focus was “Memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr” and we got to hear three people share their memories and family stories: Ronny Mills, Bruce Coney and Ron Mitchell. If you didn’t get to join us, you can watch here.

Each year we join Rev. Kelly and the MLK Colorado Holiday Commission in the Denver Marade (cross between a parade and a march, one of the largest MLK events in the country.) But this year, tens of thousands of people can’t gather, so the Marade is virtual. Find it here.

We take our faith into each day knowing that God is present in all our days, not just when we worship. Here are a few conversation or reflection starters.

  • Read Matthew 5:43-48. How do Jesus’ words invite or convict?
  • What memories of history do you have from your family members? What would you like to ask them about?
  • How did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. impact your faith?
  • How can you join his vision to rid the world of racism, poverty and war?

Curated links and resources:

Please join us at The Well on Wednesday, 6 pm, for a midweek gathering via Zoom.