Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Pineapples and Welcomes

Through the mystery of the Spirit, we were gathered as one as we worshipped via the stream yesterday. Pastor Dave taught from Matthew 10:38-42 and Jesus’ words that we can do small things to give and receive hospitality. If you missed being with us, you can watch it here. Check out photos from worship and The Well.

We hope you can join us this Wednesday, July 1, as we welcome our dear friend Rev. Dr. Larron Jackson to lead us in a conversation on race. We gather at 6:00 pm, with the agenda starting at 6:15. Let Vikki know if you need the Zoom link which is sent out about 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

We take the message into our week knowing that our relationship with God isn’t done on Sunday. Here are conversation and thought starters and curated links.

  • When have you received an unexpected welcome? How did you respond?
  • When have you offered an unexpected welcome? What led you to offer?
  • What does hospitality mean to you?
  • Jesus says, “If you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.” (Matt 10:42) How or when are you able to forget about yourself?