Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Never Ending Power with Purpose and Promise

It was such a joy to welcome Rev. Dr. Larron Jackson as our preacher. His smile, laugh and true sharing of God’s word brings us depth and hope. Matthew 28:16-20 was his text to remind us of God’s power and Jesus’ promise to be with us as we “GO” to the world to share the Good News. If you missed being with us you can watch here and see photos here.

We move from Sunday to Monday and the rest of our week, letting the scripture and the themes Larron lifted up for us in our devotions, reflections and conversations. Here are some questions to fiddle with along with Matthew 18:16-20.

  • Jesus arranged for a meeting after his resurrection as they gathered, some worshipped and some doubted. Do you worship or doubt? What do you hope for?
  • Jesus tells us about two kinds of power: the power he gives to us through the Spirit and the ultimate power of God. How do you access this power? When do you need God’s power?
  • If no power in life is greater than our God and that power will meet our every need, how are you grateful for it? How do you use it?
  • Jesus says we can GO! because he is with us always – wherever we go, he will be there; whenever we look for him, he will be there. How does this promise enable you to GO?

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