Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Meaning

It was our joy to welcome Aaron Ragon to speak in worship yesterday. If you missed, you really should watch here and see photos here. He shared a message of hope in a world that seems hopeless.

We take the message into our week’s reflections and conversations.

  • It’s common to struggle with our faith; how have you struggled with your faith?
  • Aaron said, “It’s not what happens to you in life, but the meaning you apply to it.” Do you agree? Why are why not? How have you had to use this tool in your life?
  • Spend some time with Romans 8:28.
  • It’s been a traumatic time for kids during the pandemic. But growth can be good. How might you engage with the young people around you to see their resilience, relationships and experiences as sources of good?
  • If behavior is communication, what are the people around you trying to communicate? What are you trying to communicate with your behavior?

We reached our goal and went beyond for Thanksgiving meals! We will be able to give families in west Denver gift cards through our partner Confluence Ministries $3,100! Thanks be to God! Watch for the Christmas ministry opportunities to be revealed on Sunday.

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