Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to Monday | Going Your Own Way

The worship was live from our partner, Confluence Ministries. Thank you Jude & Cindy! We are grateful to Mike & Tammy Heflebower for the use of their space at Heflebower Funeral Services for 10 months (!) but good to get out and join Jesus in the world. Worship will come from a variety of host sites.

Zachary Herzog tuned his preaching skills again and we were happy to hear his thoughts on Mark 1:1-11 where Mark introduces us to John the Baptist and Jesus. Jesus was affirmed by God (voice saying you my beloved son, I’m pleased with you) and we can take those words to heart as well when we feel alone. If you missed being with us, you can watch here and see photos here.

We don’t get our faith fix on Sunday for the week, we recognize God’s presence each and every day. Join us Wednesday evenings at 6 pm for a friendly and spiritual gathering. We can see one another’s faces, lift our spirits and remind ourselves that we are beloved children of God. Contact to get the link.

For your reflection and conversations this week:

  • Read and spend time with Mark 1:1-11. What if you had been there? Picture it in your mind’s eye like a movie. Where did Jesus come from? What was John doing?
  • What do you know about baptism? What questions do you have about baptism? Why did Jesus need to get baptized?
  • What do people on the outside (John the Baptist was outside the religious traditions) have to teach us?

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