Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sunday to all the days of our week

This past Sunday Pastor DJ used an Old Testament text to teach us about how God uses women leaders, how God’s got our back and we can reach out to have other’s backs. Deborah and Jael were watching out for the backs of the people in their tribe and they were blessed. If you missed being with us, you can watch here.

Great news! We raised $2,500 for our Thanksgiving ministry! With the $1,500 match from the Ready to Bless fund, that’s a total of $4,000 going to our ministry partners! Praise God! Thank YOU!

Join us Wednesday evening, November 18 at 6 pm when Peter Mayer joins us at The Well! It’s via Zoom, look for the link late Wednesday afternoon or contact to get it.

We take the message into our week to listen to what God is saying to us and consider what we will do about it.

  • Read Judges 4. Is this a familiar story? Why or why not? How do you consider Old Testament stories to be helpful?
  • Pray for people who have your back. Pray that you might have someone’s back.
  • “Kebernesis” means navigate – we follow God and are then able to navigate through the perils of this world. How are you following Jesus so that you might navigate life?

Curated links for your week: