Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Sound Asleep

Who, when they’re sound asleep wants to be awakened? We all know the sayings, “Let sleeping dogs lie” and “Never wake a sleeping baby.”

My grandfather had some form of narcolepsy – he could fall asleep anytime and anywhere. Every day he went home for lunch and a nap. Other times he’d take naps. He did not like to be awakened, but somehow he knew if it was a child who was waking him up – he never got mad if a little girl or boy was sent to get him up. So, we grandkids were often pressed into going to wake him from his naps.

Even Jesus didn’t like to be disturbed from his sleep. In the scripture for our worship tomorrow, Mark 4:35-41, we hear the story of Jesus sleeping in the boat and a storm coming up on the lake. There are many lessons we can glean from this story like trusting in God (Jesus). But one lesson that has stood out to me this week is Jesus’ humanity.

Jesus wasn’t happy they woke him. They were afraid and worried. They couldn’t believe Jesus was sleeping through the huge waves rocking the boat. But they had been busy. Jesus was tired. And a little cranky. One piece of this story is just about how Jesus was not all that different from us. No one likes to be roused in the midst of a good sleep.

Thank you, Jesus, for stories that help us understand your humanity. We wonder that you, who were there at the beginning of creation, would become one of us. And that you love us enough to reprimand us and show us that for all our failings we are still your beloved children.

We hope to see you tomorrow for worship at 10:00 am MDT at Confluence Ministries, 1400 Quitman St, Denver. It won’t be the same without you.

Grace be with you,