Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


Did you ever sit down and eat a glorious meal and the food was fantastic? I know these days with the virus that this is hard to do right now. But imagine being in a beautiful restaurant and eating a most wonderful dinner. Every bite is so satisfying that there is an actual party in you mouth. After finishing the meal, you just can’t stop smiling. It is so satisfying that you feel great all over. Your smile is as wide as the ocean. Same goes for having that wonderful smoothie or boba tea. You just have a big smile on your face. Same goes for watching that wonderful Korean drama. The story is amazing and interesting. At the end, you went through a range of emotions and then you smile. You just can’t help it from watching this incredible drama. Same goes for a kung fu flick. You love the crazy moves and marvelous fights. It is breathtaking and you are in awe. It is great to have a big smile on your face. But there is another part of your body that also smiles. It is your heart.

I know right now it is hard to get together with people but maybe with another couple or small number of family or friends. Gather safely. Your heart feeds on emotion but yet it feeds on being with one another. There is a big smile on your heart when you hear the most personal sharing from close friends and family. The heart grows stronger and livelier when we share our lives with one another. I know it is hard these days but zoom and other tools can make this happen. I don’t think God created people to be alone. We seemed to be better and stronger when we are working together. These are tough times in the USA right now. Coronavirus seems to keep us apart when we have to social distance. The protesters and riots seem to put a division among everybody. Taking sides in government should not be the way to go. Christ wanted to unite us and not divide us. He told the disciples to go out and spread the good news but not do it alone. Always have 2 or more go out there and make disciples of all nations.

God says I will be with you when 2 or more gather in my name. God created the heart in men for a purpose. The heart smiles when we gather and share about our lives. God created man and God said it is not good from man to be alone and I shall create a helper which is a woman. A great song by the band U2 is “Two Hearts Beat as One”. That is when a man marries a woman. I think we have to get back to getting our hearts to smile by talking and sharing with friends, family, and even people we don’t know.

Watch the lyrics of Nat King Cole’s “Smile“. It is great. Hey, smile. My heart goes out to you.

In Christ,

Stan Yee