Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Resurrection Truth

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As a pastor, I have noted when people report their visionary, mystical experiences to me from time to time, that these contemporary experiences of the risen Christ have an uncanny resemblance to the narratives in the Gospels that describe appearances of the risen Christ.

(See Mark 16:1-8 for further reflection.)

When you read Mark’s 16th¬†chapter, you might recall an episode in your life that is like the experience of Mary, Mary, and Salome. It is important that we speak of the resurrection not as some past historical event but rather as present reality. It is crucial for us to speak of Easter and resurrection not as strange, esoteric, unique events, but as those which typify the dealings of the risen Christ within us all.

Prayers: For faithful discernment of Christ’s mystical resurrection truth among us.

*The Well Zoom ministry is in recess this week. We invite you to ponder the resurrection story In Mark Chapter 16. The Well will return on the 13th at 630pm*

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen