Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Random Thoughts

As I looked out the window this morning, taking in the beautiful colors of the sunrise, I thought about what I am most thankful for today. Since I was up earlier than usual to get into my weekly volunteer gig at Project Angel Heart, that of course, was the answer. Today, I’m most grateful to be able to serve in that place that does so much good for so many people. Tomorrow will be a new day and though I won’t be leaving the house to “serve,” I’ll surely find some other way to “serve” …You know what I mean?

I recently read that Garth Brooks’ invitation to perform at Joe Biden’s inauguration came during a “very sweet” phone call with Dr. Jill Biden. Brooks called the opportunity a chance “to serve” and “not a political statement, a statement of unity.” (from Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper Midweek post) The thought that a musical superstar thinks of sharing his talent as “serving” really hit me.

A text conversation between me and a good friend yesterday:

Her: Do you get the Discovery + channel? If so, you must watch The Lost Kitchen! I thought of you the whole time I was watching it !

Me: You thought of me cause I’m “lost in the kitchen” ?

Her: LOL. Because of the beauty, love, life and friends! Must watch!

Me: Oh my…that is the nicest thing someone has said to me in awhile!

I think we can serve in many ways…even if it’s by sending kind words to a friend via text message. It could change their day in a way you never thought possible.

Gracious God, thank you for beautiful sunrises and for opportunities to serve others. Help me remember I don’t need to leave the house to find those chances to serve and make a difference.

Andrea Heshmati