Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Psalm 23-Freedom to be a Sheep

A Bible study I chose for this summer and highly recommend is: “Psalm 23-The Shepherd with Me,” by Jennifer Rothschild. The author lost her vision as a teenager and illustrates so clearly why this passage is her lifeline. It is a six week, daily study for a passage that is only six verses. It’s giving me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the depth of these words. It is most likely the most well known Psalm, memorized by many. Unfortunately, the passages, prayers, and hymns that I can recite from memory, are sometimes the ones I least focus on the words and meaning. It is all about God’s love and care for me and the freedom to be a sheep…a needy vulnerable, devoted sheep. I’ve learned a lot more about sheep than I thought I ever needed.

“Psalm 23 is personal. It’s not an arms length, past tense, wouldn’t-it-be-nice, kind of passage. Psalm 23 is right here, right now, up close passage about you and your shepherd.” In this world of pandemic and politics, it’s easy to be pulled back and forth, caught in the middle, hearing competing voices. It’s good to know my Shepherd has my back! He holds me. He guides me. He won’t let me go.I need to remember no matter what the situation is, my Shepherd is in control. He gives me rest, and leads me to the still waters of comfort. 

Have a Blessed day, a gift from God!

Linda Culberson