Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Prayer for Our Country

My prayer for 1/20/2021, Inauguration Day, was for a peaceful transition of power in our country. No one can deny the political  divisiveness and extreme turmoil in government we have experienced in recent time. We also have faced a health crisis like none other seen in our lifetime. God is speaking to me, am I listening? Am I in conversation with my Lord and Savior? There has never been a greater need for prayer. We cannot overestimate our amazing privilege and responsibility of prayer. 
We pray…
TO the Father,
THROUGH the Son, 
IN the Holy Spirit. 
Prayers  for unity and peace,
                for respect and honor, 
                for dignity and liberty, 
                for truth… is essential for this country to heal. 
The words of Amanda Gorman at the Inauguration spoke volumes and I would encourage you to read it in its entirety. Here are a few excerpts that touched my heart. 
“We are striving to forge a union with purpose. To compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions of man. And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us, but what stands before us….
in this truth, and in this faith, we trust…     
if we merge mercy with might, and might with right, then love becomes our legacy…
For there is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it, and if only we are brave enough to be it.”

God Bless America!

Linda Culberson