Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Persist & Resist

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Perhaps you have read the novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand. The novel was written about 65 years ago. The title really conveys the whole story. The mythical Greek strong man who holds the heavens, the world in place gets fed up with it all. Atlas shrugs his shoulders gets the world off his back and walks away. It is obvious that to have the world on your back would be a heavy load. So, one day Atlas says to himself, ”This is ridiculous, why should I carry this load?” He shrugs his shoulders, lets it fall, and walks away.

Ayn Rand was not writing in a humorous vein. The novelist had concluded that the burdens of this world are carried by a few dedicated, intelligent, innovative people who have the poor, weak, the lax and the lazy on their backs, and enough is enough. So, the burden of it all is tossed and the strong walk away. It is an appealing option, but one cannot read the conclusion of the novelist without being a bit unsettled, for she concludes 

                                     “ALTRUISM IS A VICE, SELFISHNESS IS A VIRTUE!”

So long as there are wars, so long as people are hungry, so long as the poor cry out for help, so long as tyranny and crime are a reality, we must, we must persist. Atlas may in fact shrug and walk off, but there is no place for Atlas or any of us to hide. We must persist.

Let us persist and resist the temptation to quit.  Knowing each burden is carried by Christ.  So let us carry on in mission casting seeds of faith, trusting in Christ Jesus to carry all our burdens and produce the necessary results.

See Mark 4:26-34 for further reflection.

Prayers for all who mourn Jim Crawford.  Christ come to all who carry burdens and give them purpose and peace.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen