Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Peace People

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jesus called out for “People of Peace” to follow him.( Luke 4:18-26)

Many clergy( I included) have spent a lot of time with disgruntled people. Too many pastoral hours throughout Christendom’s 2000 year history have been spent trying to get upset people to be happy. Jesus focused his ministry on “People of Peace” (POP) versus those who were upset about church policy.  At God’s Grace Community Church’s core is a desire to focus on the “POP.” I GIVE THANKS TO GOD FOR THAT EVERYDAY!

Here are some characteristics of POP’s, they:

  • are open to Jesus’ teaching and make their networks available to Christ as well. (John 4)
  • work in teams. (Luke 10:1)
  • take on tasks . (Luke 10:2)
  • follow God’s timing and not their own. (Luke 10:3)
  • willingly take on trouble and risk. (Luke 3,10,11,12)

Are you a POP? Do you want to be?  I invite all of you to come tonight from 6pm-7pm to the Zoom gathering called  “The Well.” If you are not on “The Well”  invitation list let Vikki Luce  know. Tonight, we are going to discuss how you can hear the voice of God breaking into your life. God’s message surrounds us, and POP’s respond to the voice of the Lord.

Prayers: For political elections. Wildfires. Those who are homeless and living in the elements. And of thanks for what made you smile today.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen