Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Outrageous, indiscriminate love

People can laugh at Jesus; they cannot believe he is who he says he is; they can question his stories, his actions and his words. People can refuse to follow him, listen to him or accept what he’s offering.

But he just doesn’t care. He loves us still. He wants to make us whole. He wants us to have life – and not just any old life – but abundant life. He responds to our requests. Jesus knows that we can brush up against him and find his power. Jesus is all in with his mission and his message. Read Mark 5:21-43 for a couple stories of Jesus reacting to the people around him.

Jesus is not repelled by us, no matter how messy we are, regardless of how incomplete we are. When we recognize that Jesus is not discouraged by our humanity, is not turned off by our messiness, and simply doggedly pursues us in the face of it all, what else can we do but give in to his outrageous, indiscriminate love?”

Michael Yaconelli

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