Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Love, Light & Melody (LLM), a non-profit organization,  is dedicated to “battling the physical, emotional, and spiritual affects of extreme poverty fostering a deep sense of belonging by one simple principal –  moving in and sharing in the life and struggles of those they seek to help.” Through music and the arts, the organization brings healing to communities struggling with poverty at the Safe House in Nicaragua, the Pine Ridge Reservation in Oglala, South Dakota & the Sun Valley Youth Center in Denver, Colorado.

January 27, 2021: Message from Bismark, our missionary who now lives in Costa Rica:

A thousand apologies for not writing to you sooner –  my cell phone was damaged. My son, Bismarckcito’s skin condition (severe eczema) is improving. Since we live in Guaria Del Valle, the colder weather is better for him than the heat and humidity. This was our eighth move since we came to Costa Rica. It’s been tough to move so many times. But that’s how we see what destiny has in store for us. 

My wife Diana continues to deal with her mastitis which has returned after 15 years. We are seeking treatment, but clinic bills are always high for our family. My daughter Dianita is now in tenth grade and is studying to be a bilingual secretary. She can finish in two years but the problem is that she, like my other two children, need access to an online English course. All three of them are studying via the Internet  but it is not constant or reliable. Bismarkcito is in eighth grade. Sarita is in the 3rd grade and is very talented at singing – she feels appreciated by all of her teachers and the principal.

I too had a hard six months as I was very sick with bleeding (hemorrhoids) almost every day. Again, costly to treat at the clinic but the problem is that I work as a driver and I sit a lot and don’t have a great diet. I have not eaten meat or rice now for 6 months, which is very hard, very hard for me, and I’m skinnier now than normal. But happy to say that I’m slowly improving.

Every day we think about returning to Nicaragua. But those who have returned are investigated and jailed – and others go missing. My children want to see my mother. But we have no plans to return. From here we are always praying for Nicaragua to regain its freedom. Here in Costa Rica, it is peaceful. But with the pandemic, everything is complicated. More limited, more expensive.

We support three different congregations! One in Limon, a main one in Hone Creek and another in La Guaria. I’m asking for your prayers as always to see what we do next year in 2021. Greetings to Pastor David and the God’s Grace Church and a sincere God Bless you to all.


Message from LLM founder, Brad Corrigan, December 2020:

Through our Ready to Bless fund, we join God in changing the world. Each month we send $680+ to Love, Light & Melody to support Bismark’s ministry, a missionary in Costa Rica, exiled from Nicaragua, who is the hands & feet of Jesus to the poorest of the poor. Click here for weekly updates on his mission.

GGCC supports LLM with monetary and in-kind donations and has sent missionaries to Nicaragua and South Dakota. 

Bismark and family