Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Making a Kingdom

We pray regularly in the Lord’s Prayer, “your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.” Does that mean we are waiting for the kingdom to come someday far off into the future? Or, are we ready for the kingdom here and now?

Jesus said the kingdom has come near (Matt 4:17 and Mark 1:15). Jesus brought the kingdom in human form and brings it now in his promises to be with us always.

How do we welcome the kingdom of God? Or do we?

Ann Voskamp says, “Look for the small glimpses of God-glory breaking in, breaking out, sprouting, shooting, unfurling, bearing fruit, making a Kingdom, remaking the world.”

I like the idea of looking for how God is remaking the world and knowing that we can participate in it.

We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 10:00 am MDT as we gather via the stream for worship. It won’t be the same without YOU!

Grace be with you,