Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


I remember when I was kid how I loved to play with my uncle’s set of magnets.  He had all sorts of magnets with a large range of magnetic power.  I loved the big heavy one because it could pick up a bunch of paper clips all at once.  At school, we had a show and tell magnet day.  I brought mine out and it was picking up everything.  It was a fun day showing it off to the other kids.  I also loved how you tried to put 2 magnets in opposite poles and see how they repel each other.  Tried so hard to put them together but the backed away from each other so easily.  What seems interesting is that people and Christ sometimes are like magnets.

When we are together with Christ, it seems we can be separated from anything.  It is like the 2 magnets that attach to each other.  We have a solid bond with each other.  That is what Christ wants for us.  He wants a strong and healthy relationship with each other.  We depend and learn from Him as He watches and protects over us.  He will never leave you and wants to draw closer to you.  In school, we need to learn how to love our fellow students so that we can draw closer to them and have a wonderful relationship with other students.  In our workplace, we need to build each other up and learn from each other so that our work environment is great place to go to.  People say that if you enjoy your work, it really isn’t work at all.  In matrimony, both husband and wife need to care and love each other no matter what the situation is.  With Christ, a strand of 3 cannot be easily broken.  When magnets come together, they form a strong bond.

On the other hand, when we put ourselves in front of God, there seems to be a repelling affect.  I care about myself and I don’t need anybody.  The funny part is that sometimes our lives fall apart when we think like that.  People repel God and then turn to alcohol, drugs, and crime and that is no way to live.  In school, we are bullying students which makes us feel high and others low.  The problem is we could be missing out on a great opportunity of making a good friend.  In our workplace, we trample on people and take advantage of them to get ahead to the top position.  But we could be sacrificing our gratitude and our colleagues will have bad impressions of us and say nasty things behind our back.  In matrimony, spouse cheating and maybe beating their spouse.  This is ugly and horrible.  This is repelling at the highest form and it is an abomination.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35.  Man, isn’t that a magnetic verse?

In Christ,

Stan Lee