Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Lucky or Blessed?

Several days before Christmas I received news from home (small town Illinois) that my 50 year old farmer cousin had fallen off of a ladder while doing some repair work on the side of a barn. He fell about 20 feet onto a cement landing, breaking his pelvis in a couple of places, his sacrum and a vertebrae. Without his cell phone in his pocket, he somehow got himself to the edge of the patio near the house before one of his college aged daughters came out the door and happened upon him. This man is one of the people I most love in my life. He is one of those folks who can engage and become friends with someone 10 minutes after meeting. He also is the person who first said the words “I love you” to me, when I was about 13. (My parents were not verbally demonstrative of their feelings much back then.) Granted he was 2ish and dressed in a bright blue blanket sleeper, but his words went straight to my heart and never forgotten!

When I first talked to Steve after his accident, the main point he got across was how lucky he felt that the outcome of his fall could have been so much worse…brain injury, paralysis, death…his words. Everyone else had thought the same of course, but hearing him say this was powerful. The doctors said he would have at least a 3 month recovery, and his reaction was to say he had a lot of paperwork to catch up on and that yes, he would be fine.

Today, I found out that the son, daughter in law and 2 grandkids of my book club buddy lost their home in the Marshall fire. I had been feeling so good, confidant that I personally didn’t know anyone who had been directly affected, now this news. She told us in detail how they feel so fortunate because of their personal situation ( they had been out of town with 5 days worth of clothing, their ski equipment, lots of supplies for the 13 year old’s diabetes treatment and the family dog. They have been inundated with support from their work places, friends and strangers and feel more blessed than many they know. My friend said, they have the best attitudes and feel truly blessed.

In both of these situations the people involved could have been bitter, angry and asking “why me.” While we all know that bad things happen to good people, we also know that time and faith and help from others and….many things contribute to how we overcome and find light at the end of our very dark tunnels. I thank God that he is walking alongside those that struggle, and I pray that they feel lifted up by his strong hands.

Andrea Heshmati