Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Long Range Plan

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Years ago, while I was serving a church in another state, I remember talking to a businessperson, proudly telling her that my congregation was working on a long range-plan.

The businessperson responded, “In business, long-range planning is dead.”

This came as quite a shock to me. I thought it was the church that was unorganized, working without goals, without plans. So, I asked the businessperson to , ”Tell me more about the reasoning behind her thoughts.”

She said ,”We didn’t even know that the Berlin Wall was coming down. Nobody planned for that!”  She went on to say, ”Things are moving too fast. The future is too unpredictable. The trouble is if business goes through all that effort to come up with a long-range plan, people come to love the plan more than they love results. They just keep following and sticking with the plan, despite results.”

How many of the world’s current problems could you have planned for 5 years ago?

In Mark 9:30-37, Jesus tells the disciples to focus their service on the weakest of those around them. If they seek to offer sacrificial service to the lowest and the least, they will be carrying out God’s long-range plan.

Prayers: For all who mourn the death of Pastor William Voelker the former Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran in Keystone, Iowa which our Jensen family attended. We pray for all who mourn the loss of possessions, health, life, dignity, status, freedom, or a dream.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen