Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Virtual Services

We are so grateful during this time of sheltering in place and caring for one another by being physically distant that we can still “gather” via the livestream. (And on demand, as you can worship with us anytime.)

Jesus promised to always be with us and that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. So in the mystery of God’s presence, we know that when we worship online we are community. 

We hope you don’t just “watch” worship, but that you engage and experience it with us! You can open or print the handout with the order for the gathering as well as song lyrics. You might intentionally create sacred space to acknowledge that God is present. This might look like lighting a candle, setting out a cross or other icon that symbolizes God’s mercy and love. Create a seating arrangement that allows you to view worship with others in your home comfortably. 

This Sunday we will share virtually in Holy Communion. We believe that Jesus is present in the bread and the juice/wine. We know he said to eat this bread and drink this wine to remember him. You are invited to pull together some bread (crackers) and juice or wine. Think of it as having a special guest over (Jesus!) so set a table appropriately. Perhaps a coffee or end table can be used, maybe a nice tablecloth. Put the bread on a favorite or special plate. Have cups for each person and something to pour from. Pastor Dave will lead you through this portion of the gathering. The sacrament of Holy Communion is a means of grace that strengthens our faith and pulls us together as the body of Christ to love God, love others and join Jesus’ mercy to change me, we and the world. 

When worship is over, you can clean up and move on knowing that the sacred space is still there and in God’s presence there is no separation between sacred and secular.