Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Living Miracles

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kentucky farmer and philosopher Wendell Berry is a poet who consistently invites us to look again at everyday common things of life. Berry makes the case that turning water into wine is a relatively small miracle compared to turning water (and soil and sunlight) into grapes. Many times, we are so transfixed by the humongous miracles God is capable of that we forget the humble, everyday miracles that go on all around us. Wendell Berry’s way of putting this is- “We are alive within mystery, by miracle.” (Life is a miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition [Washington , D.C. : Counterpoint,2000],45).

Sometimes with all the financial problems, Covid-19 and other health concerns, racial tensions and other personal relational issues that swirl about our lives, threatening to close up over our heads, just the act of getting up every morning counts as walking on water. We are able to defy the downward drag of gravitation with our own personal levitation. Some of you are a living miracle. You are, in Berry’s words, alive within mystery, by miracle.

See Matthew 14:22-33 for further reflection.

Prayers: That we might look anew at the common things of life and see the miraculous ways of God.

*Please join” The Well” this evening from 6pm-7pm on Zoom! Our leader of the August Wells will be Terry Hershey! Terry is a nationally sought-after speaker. Tonight, he will talk about his pilgrimage though Selma and over the Edmond Pettis Bridge with John Lewis and the congressional delegation. He will be inviting your comments and questions. If you are not on the invitation list for “The Well” contact Vikki Luce  and she will be sure you get an invitation.*

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen