Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

How He Answers

Opportunity: A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. It seems that God has given us plenty of opportunities lately. As I found myself in an internet rabbit hole one evening, I stumbled upon a video from the movie Evan Almighty. Though its predecessor was the better movie, it still has a quote that sticks out to me. God, Morgan Freeman, is sitting with a distraught mother whose husband has become consumed with the creation of an Ark. She believes her family is falling apart due to how ridiculous it sounded to her that a flood was coming and that her husband was instructed from God to create an Ark. Her family is harassed and ridiculed. God leans over and explains to this mother that though it may seem insane, her husband, Evan, was presented an opportunity. He asks if people pray for patience does she believe that God gives them patience, or opportunities to be patient. If you were to pray for courage, would God grant you courage or present you with opportunities to be courageous? So have you noticed any opportunities in your life currently? Times right now are very volatile, intimidating, and stressful. I can admit to praying for the ability to forgive, be patient, be courageous, and be less stressed. After watching this scene I soon have an epiphany and realize that there have been “opportunities” that have been presented to me. I have had many moments where I have had the opportunity arise to be forgiving, have patience, be courageous, and find windows of time to relieve my stress. It is so funny how God can weave himself into our lives and be on our shoulders. He listens, but maybe he answers in ways we didn’t even imagine. Take time this week to reflect on your life and think of when God gives you opportunities to act on what we ask for in our prayers.

Davis Benedict