Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

God’s Voice

Dear Voices of God,

God thunders across the waters, Brilliant, God's voice and face, streaming brightness -- God, across the flood waters.  Psalm 29:3 Msg

The voice of God.

Shenoute of Atripe in the 420s made a powerful statement of the way in which Christ’s healing voice could reach every corner of daily life:

“Try to attain the full measure of Gods Name, and you will find it on your mouth, and on the mouths of children. When you make high festival and when you rejoice, cry Jesus. When anxious and in pain, cry Jesus. When little boys and girls are laughing, let them cry Jesus. And those who flee before the Barbarians, cry Jesus. And those who go down to the Nile, cry Jesus. And those who see wild beasts and sights of terror, cry Jesus. Those who are taken off to prison, cry Jesus. And those whose trial has been corrupted and who receive injustice, cry the name of Jesus.”

Shenoute , Contra Origenistas, 821, as quoted in Peter Brown, Authority and the Sacred: Aspects of Christianization pf the Roman world (Cambridge University Press, 1995), 10.

As we move forward into the New Year, may you hear the voice of God. May the vibration of the Lord’s tone beat within you.

See Psalm 29 for further reflection.

Prayers for: Andy J, who is recovering well from a heart procedure. For Roger & Claudia, Roger is doing well after a couple of procedures to remove blood causing pressure on his brain, hopes to go home in a day or two. For the family & friends of Yoshi, 4 y/o grandson of Jill & Scott who was killed by a hit and run driver Monday morning in NYC. Hope for the New Year.

Israel Houghton tells the story of his song “Moving Forward” Worth a listen as we begin the New Year.  

We apologize for technical difficulties with the live worship stream on Sunday. I will be leading The Well zoom gathering tonight. We will go over some of the teaching you may have missed out on Sunday. We’ll also talk about MOVING FORWARD into 2021 in the context of Psalm 29, Genesis 1:1-5, and Mark 1:4-11. If you are not on the zoom invitation list let Vikki Luce know.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J Jensen