Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

The God’s Grace Ready to Bless Fund allows us to be ready and able to join Jesus in his mercy to change me, we and the world through financial resources. Ready to Bless (RTB) funds are used to provide stable and promised monies to support to our what our partners are doing.

For 2021 the RTB commitments are:

  • Confluence Ministries – $650 / month
  • Booneville Boys & Girls Club Facility rental – $300 / month
  • Love, Light & Melody for missionary Bismark – $680 / month
  • Extreme Community Makeover – $1,500 / year partnership
  • Zach Herzog, Student at Iliff Seminary, scholarship – $4,500 / year for matching funds

RTB funds are used to support Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, The Gathering Place, Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center, RCHS, Convoy of Hope as needed.

The flexibility and availability of RTB funds allow us to respond when a natural disaster occurs or for a need of a personal nature. We have contributed to pay bills for families facing hardships and for response to hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Our monthly “Scorecard” provides a visual to how RTB funds are used.