Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Get Your Play On

Dear Players,

As the eleventh chapter of Matthew’s gospel begins, John the Baptist, Jesus’ trusted cousin and friend is in prison. Frustrating conversations transpire between Jesus and the crowds which convey that they don’t understand his mission. To put it simply – things are not going well. With the stress rising, Jesus essentially says, ”You need to play more.”

Matthew 11:17, ”We played the flute for you, and you did not dance…” NRSV translation.

Matthew 11:17, “We wanted to skip rope, and you were always too tired…” The Message translation.

As time began, God “played” in the mud to bring forth creation.  In life’s hardest moments it might just be that many of us take life too seriously, which stifles the creativity God wants to bring to solve the matter which bothers us.

We understand frustrating times. Too many African Americans are in prison. Covid 19 is at pandemic proportions. The world is full of problems. At least in part, God’s message remains the same – PLAY MORE!  If new life is going to come to us today it will require play.

                                          “Play is the oxygen for creativity,

                                              which sparks imagination,

                                              which ignites innovation,

                                             which combusts in paradigm shifts,


                                               sometimes explodes in revolutions.”

                                                       Dr. Leonard Sweet

The Fourth of July week is a marvelous time to grab some play. May you enjoy some time this week where the only agenda is “relax and have FUN”!  Your role is to merely relax. God’s job is to press your reset button with renewed creativity and fresh focus for all things.

Prayer: That we come together as a country to grasp what it means to be the “Land of the free for all people.”

*I hope to see each of you tonight at our Zoom gathering called the “The Well” from 6-7pm. Our special guest will be the Rev. Larron Jackson. Larron will guide us in a discussion of the anatomy of racism through the lens of an African American who grew up in St. Louis. If you are not on the invite list or want to double check to be sure you are, contact Vikki Luce*  

Still in one Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen