Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


Do you ever wake up and wonder “who am I, what will today bring, am I doing enough?” Terry Hershey has been telling us for years that we are “enough,” and Jim Dietvorst reminds us monthly that we are loved children of God, but don’t we still question it at least sometimes? Do you ever find yourself consoling a friend who thinks they could have better parented their now troubled young adult with words like “you were the best parent you could be…” and then question your own parenting? The story goes on and on. I’ve always followed the mantra of “I do the best I can, and some days are better than others.” It’s seems easier to bestow grace on others, before ourselves, doesn’t it?

I have shared the writings of Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes from his Unfolding Light column many times before. He has recently retired and moved a couple of states away, but thankfully is still writing. His post of July 6th spoke to me on the “enough” subject and a bit on that question of “who am I.” These are the last few lines…read the full post “Brother Steve” here.

…..just a beloved of God, living this moment,
bearing the glory of God in my own way.

Find that glory within, and live it out,
free of what anyone thinks or knows of you,
even yourself. 
Find the self beneath your name,
God’s secret name for you, 
which no one can say like God does:
That is enough. 

Gracious God, may each of us know that for today, we are enough. May we remember that we are your beloved, your children. May we feel your presence, and watch for your footsteps walking alongside us as we go about our day. Amen

Andrea Heshmati