Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


I know that we are all saddened by what happened in Boulder a while ago.  I just can’t believe these shootings are happening in our beautiful state of Colorado.  Everybody is frustrated and asking why is this happening here.  Of all places, it was in a supermarket.  Nobody would ever imagine people getting shot in a supermarket.  We are all broken hearted.  All our prayers go out to the friends and family of people who died that day.  Young people and old people died that day.  It really was a sad day in Colorado.

You can say that gun control is out of hand right now.  Something has to be done.  Why are people allowed to buy automatic weapons?  Why are people who are on the mental edge have guns?  You can ask all these questions.  You can blame the government.  You can blame the gun sellers.  You can blame that people close to the shooter should have gotten some help for him.  You can pray to God and ask the question of why is this happening.  But I think there is only one source that is to blame.  And unfortunately, shootings and violence will probably not stop.  Man will keep doing horrible things and ungodly acts.  There is a driving force to this.  The name is Satan.

The greatest act that Satan performed was to make people think that Satan does not exist.  If you believe God exists, then Satan exists.  The problem is a lot of people don’t believe either exists and this is what Satan loves.  Satan already has a hold on the non-believers and that is no problem for Satan.  It is the believers that Satan craves.  What is a goal that Satan wants to achieve?  Satan wants to take away things that God loves and that is people.  God loves people and wants all people to be believers.  That is what Jesus died for.

It is disheartening to see all these riots, violence, and shootings in the US.  But you have to remain strong in Christ.  God has you in the palm of His hand so how can anything harm you?  Walk strong in faith.  Pray every day for your friends and family.  Congregate with other believers to put on that protective shield.  Support the Church.  Reach out to people in need and help the weak.  This is what God calls us to do.  Satan calls people to do the opposite and that is just a bunch of crap.  God wants you because He loves you.  Satan wants you because He wants to use you.  Always remember that.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

In Christ,

Stan Lee