Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


Whenever I hear this word, I am reminded of a horrible horror movie about a group of people that got stuck in an elevator.  Each of them told their story to one another but one of them was a devil.  The devil revealed himself and it was a stupid ending.  But I came to think about us as people.  There is a verse that says the ‘wages of sin is death.’  Maybe we should all be in that elevator going down.  The devil resides in the elevator and we are all riding it down.  But at last, there was a savior Jesus Christ.  For those who believe in him, we got on the elevator with Him on the first floor.  We did not have to go down to the basement.  Christ saved us and now we got on the elevator with Him on the first floor.  But what is next?

We are happy we are on the first floor with Him but as followers of Christ, we know there is much more to a faithful life than just staying in an elevator on the first floor.  But then again, maybe a lot of followers like staying in the elevator on the first floor.  It is safe and protected.  Nobody can really harm us because we are protected in the elevator.  We can live a comfortable life and it seems to be a comfort zone.  However, James told us that a faith without deeds is dead.  We need to get out there and see what our faith can do.  Christ will be with us whether in the elevator or outside the elevator.  Why is it so hard to get out of the elevator?  Maybe we are scared.  Maybe we are lethargic.  Maybe we are too busy with the distractions of the world.  But we are missing something.  Something wonderful and incredible.

The thing that we are missing is something called fulfilment of faith.  If we somehow be strong and courageous, there is a whole world out there outside the elevator.  Things that our faith feeds on will make us incredibly rich in character and give us happiness.  I always felt happier doing something for somebody instead of being complacent, but it takes a little faith.  It is always hard to choose the unpopular side but if it does good for people, then choosing it is right, but it does take a little faith.  Faith is a growing thing.  Watering it and feeding it is like the mustard seed that grows into the biggest plant in the garden.  It is amazing how faith works but yet it is hard and challenging.

So, get off the elevator on the first floor and experience what it offers.  Then get back on the elevator maybe taking some rest and nourishment.  Go to the second floor, get off, and experience all of what that floor offers.  Keep repeating and the best is yet to be.  The only direction the elevator goes is up so keep the spirits up.  The elevator cannot go down.

In Christ,

Stan Yee