Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

Easter People

Next to grace, I bet God thinks making us need each other was one of His best ideas.”

Bob Goff

It can feel like the disbanding of GGCC is Good Friday. It’s over. It’s dark. It’s done.

And yet, last week we joyfully celebrated Easter! Because we are Easter people. We know that through all things God works for good. We know that grace has the last word. We know that Jesus is with us, always.

We have loved Jesus, each other and the world in a unique way.

Joe Welker writes:

While all love is a unique expression of love, in my faith all love is Christ’s love in some way. So to me, the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter is in part a celebration and an affirmation of the belief that all these parts of ourselves, known through the past lives of others in our midst, will be restored.”

God is always doing a new thing. That’s what Easter tells us. It wasn’t just once. We will take the love we’ve received and we will take the love we’ve given and it will become a new thing in us. Through us. With Christ.

We’re not sure what to do next. We have hope. We are sad. We have joy. That’s Easter.

And, we are Easter people. We now know that needing each other is how we are created, so we will go find the people who need us and the people we need. With Jesus.

Thank you for being you.

Grace, love and peace,