Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


There was this great movie that had an unforgettable line “Life is a box of chocolates …” but I think “Life is like a luggage carousel.” At the airport, luggage is put on the carousel and then luggage is taken off the carousel. Things are given to you but yet, things are taken away from you. Doesn’t life seem like that sometimes?

For most people, we really take for granted childhood and as you grow up through high school. You are given a nice home to grow up in and you never really think about where the next meal comes from. Gain a lot of knowledge. Go through new experiences. But yet, maybe you move to another state and then lose all the close friends you had while growing up and then they eventually fade in memory. Maybe parents die young or they get divorced. That can take away a whole bunch of opportunities whether financially or emotionally. Maybe get rejected as you ask the girl you are infatuated with to the prom and that crushes and devastates you into oblivion. You think that all these wonderful things would be put on the carousel if she says yes. But it takes away all the things on the carousel and you feel sad and empty.

You go to college and get a job. Make some money and get a house. Get married and start a wonderful life. It seems like the whole world is in your hands and nothing can stop you. The carousel is moving and the amount of stuff put on the carousel is good and wonderful. But you have to take the good with the bad. I don’t think life can exist with just the good. You may lose that job and you are behind in mortgage payments. Money gets tight and you fight with your wife. The house is a mess and so are your kids. They get involved with the wrong crowd with drugs and alcohol. Maybe you yourself become an alcoholic and try to escape life. But one thing we are forgetting is the carousel keeps moving. Things are put on it and things are taken away. That’s why they say that life is beautiful.

Then a game changer happens. It is the pandemic Coronavirus. It stops people’s carousel and then death. It affects the whole world and it seems that life is moving at a crawl. But we will get through this. Don’t let it stop the carousel. We have to learn from this that you can’t take life for granted. Have to be humble and appreciate all that God has given us. Keep adding things that are good and wonderful to the carousel and the carousel will shine.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

In Christ,

Stan Yee