Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


Dear Children of God,

Part of my spiritual development was going to confirmation with Rev. Otto Neuchterlein at St. John’s Lutheran in Keystone, Iowa.  We studied the essentials of the Christian faith through “Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.” One of the benefits learned was the working of the Holy Spirit in Baptism. In the Small Catechism, in his commentary on baptism, Luther describes the relationship between baptism, the work of the Holy Spirit and the daily quality of our need for repentance.

                                             “What benefit does God give us in baptism? In Baptism, God forgives sin, delivers from death and the devil, and gives everlasting salvation to all who believe what God has promised.”

                                             “What does baptism mean for daily living? It means that our sinful self, with all its evil deeds and desires should be drowned through daily repentance; and that day after day, a new self should arise to live with God in righteousness and purity forever.”——-Martin Luther , Small Catechism

See Mark 1:9-15 for further reflection.

Prayers: for our shared Lenten journey which begins tonight with Ash Wednesday worship at 630pm on Zoom. 

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Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen