Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


A lot of the historical people I studied in grade school like (and looked up to) like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Christopher Columbus, FDR, etc. are now being significantly tarred by the 1619 Project and this progressive cancel culture in which we find ourselves these days.  While I have considerable issues with these attacks, I think it does point out the basic truth that we are all sinners and have many flaws.  It’s somewhat akin to being very impressed upon initially meeting and getting to know someone new.  Then, over time, as you get to know the person better and better, you begin to discover their blemishes and imperfections.

This reminds me of the fourth chapter of John when Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well (one of my favorite stories in the bible).  In verse 9 the woman refers to Jesus as a Jew.  In verses 11 and 15 she refers to him as sir.  In verse 19 she calls him a prophet and later calls him Messiah.  By verse 29 she wonders if he is the Christ.  The more the Samaritan woman gets to know Jesus, the more impressed and awed she becomes.  As our relationship with Jesus and our faith grows, we come to appreciate his perfection more and more.