Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World

A Little Bit of Fun

Terrys’ grandfather Fred died when he was 96 years old. He was Pennsylvania Dutch and had a very whimsical way of looking at the world.  One of my favorite phrases he would say is “nothing beats fun.”  SO, I decided to have some fun with my devotion this month. I hope it makes you smile. 

A 5th grade teacher at a private Christian school asked her students to go home and watch some commercials on TV.  The assignment is you had to input God into the commercial replacing the product. So, the product became God.  Enjoy …..

God is like a FORD ; He’s got a better idea.

God is like Coke; He is the real thing.

God is like Hallmark; He cares enough to send His very best. 

God is like Tide; He gets the stains out others leave behind.

God is like Scotch Tape; You can’t see Him, but you know He is there.

God is like Delta; He is ready when you are. 

God is like Dial soap; Aren’t you glad you have Him, don’t you wish everyone did? 

AND lastly, my favorite

God is like the U.S. Post Office; neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep Him from His appointed destination. 


Maureen Herzog