Jesus' Mercy Changes Me, We and the World


Dear Holy Weekers,

The events of Good Friday reveal humanity at its worst and God at God’s best. On Good Friday , we see vividly and dramatically the depths of human sin and rebellion against God, even to the point of our crucifying the Son of God who took on our flesh . Yet our worst act against God became God’s greatest act on our behalf. And thus, we call this Friday “good.”

Lord Jesus , who for our sakes was born among us, took on our flesh, lived our life, this fateful Friday shows the lengths you would go to, to love us. You were willing , not only to teach us, to be an example to us , to guide us , but also to die for us. Words fail us on this day, eternal word of God. There is no word we can speak but thanks. No response except worship. Amen.

See Mark chapters 14,15, and 16 for further reflection into Holy Week.

Prayers: That we might engage those of other opinions when tempted to participate in cancel culture.

*Please join us tomorrow for a Maundy Thursday gathering and Friday for our Good Friday service. Both events are at 7pm. If you need an innovation to either event, please contact Vikki Luce   Easter Sunday you are invited to gather at 830am (weather permitting ) at the Kore Building at S 6500 Quebec Street for a socially distanced celebration of the resurrection of Christ! Additionally, Easter worship will be streamed live at 10am.

Blessed Holy Week,

Pastor David J. Jensen